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Preliminary schedule for abstracts

Submissão dos resumos/

Abstract Submisson

29 Março/

March 29

Envio dos resultados/

Abstracts evaluation decisions

Até 15 Abril/

Until April 15

  1. Abstracts should preferentially be in English.
  2. The abstract must be submitted using the congress’ online system, using the link on this page.
  3. In order to be able to submit the abstract, the participant must be already registered in the congress system.
  4. Every author must be informed separately. The information required for each author are: First name, Surname, e-mail, CPF (Brazilians) or passport number (foreigners).
  5. There is no limit to the number of abstracts submitted with each registration.
  6. Abstracts must have from 290 to 500 words and must have:

Introduction – 50 to 80 words
Methodology – 70 to 140 words
Results and Discussion – 100 to 180 words
Conclusion – 70 to 100 words
Financial support/Grants – (if applicable) no word limit, since it doesn’t count for the 500 word limit.

Fields can’t be left blank, except for the Financial Support.

  1. Abstracts should not include subtitles, figures and/or tables.
  2. The author responsible for the submission must chose how it will be presented: Platform (oral) or Poster. Submissions for the oral presentations will be evaluated and the Organizing Committee may indicate them to be presented as posters.

If the format chosen is Platform (Oral) it is mandatory to submit a short paper (instructions below).

  1. There is no template or model for the abstracts, since they must be submitted using the on-line system.
  2. All the content of the abstracts are the sole responsibility of the author who submitted it using the on-line system of the SETAC-LA RIO DOCE. The congress organization assumes no responsibility for the abstract contents.
  3. The date limit for submitting abstracts is 29 March 2019.
  4. Only abstracts that have been approved will be allowed to submit short papers.

Invitation to Submit Short Papers to Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM)

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) journal, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM), is pleased to invite you to submit your manuscript from the Fundão Dam Rupture Environmental Science Meeting to the journal for consideration.

Platform and poster presenters at the conference are encouraged to submit a short paper for peer-review and, if accepted, publication. Accepted papers will published as a “Special Series,” collection after the conference.  Technical papers must explore the scientific aspects associated with environmental impacts to and recovery of the affected areas.  Papers must describe the scientific knowledge gained from research and field studies, and the application of the results to support environmental management of the river basin and the environmental and social recovery of the region.

It is expected that all selected platform presenters will submit a manuscript for peer-review before the meeting, unless an exception is made by the Organizing Committee.  Please be aware that the requirement or invitation to submit a paper does not guarantee acceptance for publication.  That decision will be based on the independent peer-review process.

Author Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted to IEAM on the journal’s manuscript submission site by 14 June 2019. We encourage draft manuscripts to be submitted in English. Authors have the option to submit manuscripts in Portuguese for this initial submission, but Portuguese manuscripts must be accompanied by a preliminary English translation that is checked by the author for accuracy but not necessarily grammatical correctness. A final English-language version, refined for grammatical correctness, must be uploaded after the conference by 12 July 2019, for the purposes of peer review.

The IEAM Editorial Office offers the following guidelines for preparing your manuscript for submission.  Please adhere to the formatting requirements at

Papers should be not exceed 8 – 10 double-spaced manuscript pages (approx. 6-10 typeset pages), which includes abstract, main text, references, figures and Allow 1 complete page for each table or figure. (On average, 1 typeset journal page in IEAM is the equivalent of 3 double-spaced manuscript pages prepared using Times Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins.).

Authors are required to provide both Portuguese and English language abstracts.

Authors are encouraged to submit supplemental documents such as text, figures, tables and other data as online Supplemental Data will be noted in the manuscript and linked together online.  The amount of such content is unlimited and offered free of charge.

Submit manuscripts to: During submission, be sure to enter the information below:

  • Manuscript type = Special Series
  • Answer “yes” to the question “Is this submission for a special series?”
  • Enter “SETAC Fundao Meeting” in response to the question “If yes, please enter the species series title”

Include the following Editor’s Note in your separate Title Page (see Author Guidelines for details): EDITOR’S NOTE: “This article is based on work presented at the SETAC Fundão Dam Rupture Environmental Science Meeting in Brasilia, Brazil (June 2019)” describing the scientific aspects associated with environmental recovery of the Mariana / Rio Doce river basin.”

There are no page charges for IEAM.

At least 2 suggested reviewers (name and email address)

Relevance to IEAM: Provide a brief statement on how the manuscript fits with IEAM‘s mission to integrate environmental science and policy into environmental management and decision making


All submitted papers will be subject to independent peer-review in accordance with SETAC’s peer-review process for special science meetings.

At registration, conference registrants will be asked to indicate their willingness to act as peer reviewers.  Participation in the review process is strongly encouraged.

After the conference, authors must submit an English-language version of their paper until 12 July 2019 (if the initial version was in Portuguese), before peer review can begin. Authors will have the option to include a Portuguese language version of their paper as a supplemental data file.

Reviews will be conducted anonymously, where author identity is hidden from reviewers and vice versa, per IEAM’s double-blind review policy.  Peer reviews will be apolitical and focus strictly on the scientific content of the papers.

Preliminary Schedule for Papers 

Deadline for submission of manuscripts

(email to

14 June 2019
Conference 26-27 June 2019
Deadline for submission of final English-language manuscripts 12 July 2019
Tentative publication date January 2020