Abstracts submission (Click Here).

Deadlines for abstracts

Platform abstract submission deadline May 07, 2022
Abstract review – advice to authors May 31, 2022
Manuscript submission August 10, 2022
Poster abstract without manuscript submission deadline July 31, 2022
Final advice re platform presentations August 31, 2022
  1. An abstract and manuscript for review in peer review format must be submitted on the event platform for potential publication in the IEAM (depending on the outcome of the review process) by the dates provided above.
  2. Poster presentations are not required to provide a manuscript, but will be subject to peer review by the organizing committee. Poster presentations represent the most recommended format for those studies at an early stage or in cases where additional work is needed but has not been completed in time for publication. We encourage participants to discuss their concepts and learnings with colleagues in this way.
  3. For this meeting, both abstracts and full manuscripts can be submitted in Portuguese or English. If properly published, the manuscripts will be in English with abstracts in Portuguese and English, but the initial review process can start in either of the two languages.
  4. The abstract file must be submitted online through (link – and the manuscript, after abstract approval, must be submitted according to the rules ( guidelines#ss) and dates stipulated above via email with subject: no. Abstract – Name of the Author responsible for the Submission.
  5. To submit the abstract, the participant must already be registered in the SETAC-LA RIO DOCE online registration system, but it is not mandatory to have paid the registration. Payment becomes mandatory after sending the result.
  6. Each author must be entered individually. The necessary data of each author are: Name, Surname, email and CPF or passport for foreigners.
  7. There is no limit of abstracts per registration.
  8. Abstracts must contain up to 300 words:

Introduction – up to 50 words;

Methodology – up to 100 words;

Results and Discussion – up to 60 words;

Conclusion – up to 90 words;

Financing Source – when applicable, cite the support(s) and/or support received to carry out the work.

No field in item 8 will be allowed to be blank, except the field – Financing Source.

  1. Abstracts must not contain subtitles, figures, graphs and/or tables.
  2. The responsible author must choose the abstract presentation format: Oral or poster. Confirmations of presentations in ORAL format will be analyzed and may be indicated by the evaluation committee for presentation in Poster format.
    1. If the abstract presentation format is ORAL, it is mandatory to submit the manuscript (short paper) according to the instructions below:
  3. There is no standard template for abstracts, the submission must be done in the online system.
  4. All the content of the abstract submitted will be the responsibility of the author who submitted it through the online system of registration/submission of abstracts of SETAC-LA RIO DOCE.
    • Submissions areas
      • Aquatic Ecosystems and ecotoxicology
      • Sediments / Geomorphology/ geochemisyry
      • Infrastructure / Social Impacts
      • Terrestrial Ecosystems and ecotoxicology
  5. The deadline for abstract submission is May 07,2022.
  6. Only approved abstracts will be able to submit full manuscripts (short paper).