The meeting will have a technical-scientific program composed of three main activities:


Important lectures of national and international interest, with the aim of enabling greater integration between researchers involved in this area of ​​knowledge. The central themes will provide delegates with access to current methodologies and techniques to expand their knowledge, the state of knowledge and current trends in various areas of Ecotoxicology, as well as the presentation of the “state of the art” of international and regional policies directly. related to the topic.


These modalities will be centered on the presentation and discussion among the participants on topics of relevance to Ecotoxicology in Brazil and in the world. Specific environmental policies and legislation, technical needs for the improvement of environmental control and monitoring strategies will be focused. As exhibitors and debaters, renowned researchers and professionals working in academia, the private sector and public authorities will participate in the roundtables and symposia.

Submission of Technical-Scientific Abstracts

Abstract submission is open to all professionals and undergraduate and graduate students participating in the event. It will allow participants to present the results of their research, disseminating the latest advances in incident knowledge among congressmen. The presentations of Technical-Scientific works will be in the ORAL or POSTER categories. Oral presentations must be accompanied by the submission of an article for detailed review (see submission tab).

Main sessions:

● Aquatic Ecosystems and ecotoxicology

● Sediments / Geomorphology/ geochemisyry

● Infrastructure / Social Impacts

● Terrestrial Ecosystems and ecotoxicology